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Are you searching for the best heatmap software to optimize your website and landing pages?

It is crucial to analyze your website traffic in order to optimize your site for conversions. Heatmaps can be used to analyze which areas of your website are most popular and which need improvement.

This post will compare the top heatmap software programs to allow you to create heatmaps of your web pages to ensure they perform as well as possible.

What is a heatmap?

A website heatmap shows how visitors interact with each section of your website. It displays which sections are most popular and holds your visitor’s interest.

Heatmap tools provide insight into how visitors interact with a single web page. Heatmaps are used by web developers and marketers to visualize where web visitors click, hover, scroll, and move on a page. Heatmaps visually show the clicks and mouse movements recorded by website visitors and provide in-page data that marketers and UX/UI designers can analyze. This data shows how the page’s design attracts the viewers’ attention and can help to improve designs and increase engagement and conversion.

Table of Contents:

Best heatmap tool for marketing websites

Mouseflow logo

Mouseflow is a software toolkit designed to help you understand why your site visitors aren’t converting into sales. Mouseflow heatmap software allows you to create click-scroll, attention, geographic, and movement heatmaps that can be used to inform your UX or marketing decisions.

Mouseflow allows you to monitor visitor sessions even more closely with the session replay tool. You can therefore replay exactly what visitors do while browsing your site.

Mouseflow can be used to track conversion funnels, form analytics and feedback campaigns.

Mouseflow is suitable for all businesses and offers plans starting at Free to Enterprise.

Heatmap tool Mouseflow


  • Recording 100% of users
  • 6 different types of heatmaps
  • Click rages and click errors
  • User feedback tool
  • Data integrations with other marketing tools
  • Ability to identify users (Hubspot, Kissmetrics)
  • Unlimited team users


  • Limited period of data storage
  • Limited number of websites


Mouseflow offers a free plan. The Starter plan is at $29 per month or $24 if billed annually.

  • 14 days free trial
  • No credit card required

Best heatmap tool for small websites

Hotjar logo

Hotjar is a tool that focuses exclusively on creating heatmaps and analyzing the user experience on your website, unlike many other tools. Hotjar makes it easy to create click, move and scroll heatmaps. You can also split heatmaps according to device.

Any heatmaps that you create can be downloaded and shared with clients or team members.

Hotjar, in addition to its heatmap tracking tool will allow you to learn more information about your user experience by providing detailed visitor recordings.

Hotjar offers feedback and survey tools to help you understand why certain elements don’t work on your site.

Heatmap tool Hotjar


  • Easy to use and intuitive platform
  • Heatmap by device
  • Unlimited heatmaps
  • Segments and filters for recordings
  • Feedback and surveys


  • Limited daily sessions


Hotjar offers a free plan. The Plus plan is at $39 per month or $31 if billed annually.

Best heatmap tool for mobile apps

Fullstory logo

Fullstory can be described as a DXI (Digital Experience Intelligence), platform that combines rich product analysis, robust session detail and collaboration tools to provide real-time insights that reveal opportunities on mobile and web.

Fullstory will enable you to see what’s happening on your website, mobile apps, and products. You can also discover why it is happening using qualitative information such as heatmaps and session details.

This guide will help you understand your customer and analyze their behavior data to identify conversion opportunities and help you create digital experiences that are impactful.

Heatmap tool Fullstory


  • Pixel-perfect session replay
  • User segmentation
  • Easy to use
  • Auto events and tags
  • Replicate crashes and errors with Instant Replay


  • Expensive and non-transparent pricing


Prices are available only through demo requests.

Best heatmap tool for free

Clarity logo

Clarity captures real-time usage of your website. It is free and easy to use. It’s easy to set up and you can start receiving data in minutes.

You can use instant heatmaps, session recording, powerful insights and Google Analytics integration to get these features.

Clarity’s instant heatmaps allow you to see at a glance which parts of your page get the most engagement, and how far visitors scroll.

Heatmaps can be created using the platform in three ways. The click heatmaps can help you identify elements that have high engagement. Scroll heatmaps are a great way to see how many people scrolled across your page. The last heatmap type, the area heatmap, will show the total clicks in any given area on the page.

The best feature of the tool is its ability to compare two heatmaps side-by-side. This can be useful for comparing the behavior of different user segments and time frames.

Heatmap tool Clarity


  • Free to use
  • Heatmaps side by side
  • Heatmaps for PC, tablet, and mobile
  • Rage and dead click heatmaps
  • Share heatmaps with public link


  • Only 3 types of heatmaps

Best heatmap tool for large enterprises

Contentsquare logo

Contentsquare provides heatmap tools for large companies. The product features artificial intelligence (AI), which notifies web developers when there is an anomaly. The dashboard feature allows users to monitor and track key performance indicators (KPI).

Contentsquare provides several analytical tools that can help businesses understand merchandising trends. The tool also offers form analysis capabilities to optimize site forms. Contentsquare also offers mobile services. Contentsquare also offers A/B testing, which allows businesses to compare different versions of a website.

Contentsquare has some drawbacks, such as poor integration with other analytical tools and a high price tag when compared to comparable products.

The platform offers a different approach to heatmaps. It’s called Zone Based Heatmaps, and it allows you to visualize how visitors interact with each element of your website. You can also combine unique metrics to tell a story about the impact of your content, navigation, marketing, and customer service on achieving their goals.

Heatmap tool Contentsquare


  • Zone-based heatmaps
  • Metrics overlaid on your web page
  • Side-by-side heatmap comparison
  • Revenue and conversions each element


  • Expensive plans


Pricing is available on request.

Best heatmap tool for A/B testing

VWO logo

VWO not only has the best heatmap tool on the market but also offers powerful experimentation platforms that are ideal for A/B testing.

It supports many types of heatmaps such as scrollmaps and clickmaps.

Clickmaps provide real-time information about where visitors click on your site and help you identify your ‘action points. To compare clicks across multiple pages, you can select different areas and receive click data for each element ID.

This data can be used to inform your website experimentation. If you find that a particular area of the page gets more clicks than others, you can create a new variation and move your action buttons there. Then, launch an A/B test campaign to see if it does.

Further analysis of the results can be done with integrated heatmaps session recordings, and detailed analytics for each user segment.


  • Funnel reports
  • Form reports
  • Form fields fill time
  • On-page surveys
  • Heatmaps for visitors on desktop, mobile, or tablet
  • Five different types of heatmaps
  • A/B tests


  • Expensive plans

Best heatmap tool for the money

Plerdy logo

Plerdy includes a heatmap tool and a conversion rate optimization toolkit. You can track clicks, mouse movements, scroll data, and more from any page using the heatmap tool. To optimize your web page layouts, you can use the Plerdy Heatmap Tool to track click paths.

Plerdy includes a heatmap tool as well as an SEO checker tool and a conversion funnel analysis tool. There is also pop-up form software.

Plerdy’s free version allows you to view up to 3 heatmaps per day. This tool is perfect for small website owners who want to optimize their websites without spending too much on a heatmap tool.

Heatmap tool Plerdy


  • Seven different heatmaps types
  • Google Analytics automatic synchronization
  • Selected Text Tracking
  • Revenue and conversion heatmaps
  • SEO checker
  • Form builder
  • Conversion funnel analysis
  • Net Promoter Score feature


  • Limited number of heatmaps reports in free plan


Plerdy offers a free plan. The Start plan is at $29 per month or $23 if billed annually.

Best heatmap tool for UX designers

Attention Insight logo

Attention insight software is designed to help site owners and web designers improve their web layouts and designs. This software can create AI-powered attention heatmaps of pages on your website and provide attention percentage scores for key buttons, such as CTA buttons.

Attention Insight allows you to create heatmaps that track page performance but can also be used for heatmaps of video. This feature can be used to analyze how visitors see your video on your website or in advertisements.

Your website will be given a clarity score, which will tell you how clear it is for new users. This score is calculated by analysing competitor designs within your niche.

Attention Insight has plugins for Sketch, Figma, and Adobe XD, which are great for UX designers. These plugins enable you to test your designs and receive AI-generated immediate feedback.

Heatmap tool Attention Insight


  • Heatmaps for landing page designs
  • Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch plugins
  • Artificial Intelligence heatmaps
  • Focus Maps
  • Clarity score and benchmark
  • Design comparison
  • Video heatmaps


  • Limited number of credits (tests)
  • Attention Insight watermark


The Solo plan is $19 per month.

Best heatmap tool for dynamic analysis

Lucky Orange logo

Lucky Orange can be a powerful tool for anyone who wants to keep up to date with conversion optimization. Lucky Orange is an “all-in-one conversion optimization suite”. It includes a dynamic heatmap feature that tracks clicks, scrolls depth and movement.

This feature overlays your browser and allows you to track user experience in real-time. It can be used to split different devices and to change dates to allow you to compare different site layouts.

Lucky Orange also includes tools that allow you to chat with customers, record sessions and track your conversion funnels. Lucky Orange is the perfect tool if you want to optimize your conversion rates.

Heatmap tool Lucky Orange


  • Heatmap dynamic analysis
  • Element analysis and performance
  • User segmentation
  • Form analytics
  • User surveys
  • Website popups and announcements
  • Conversion funnels


  • Limited number of pageviews
  • Limited number of websites


Lucky Orange offers a free plan. The pricing model is based on the number of pageviews per month. The 10,000 pageviews plan is at $18 per month.

Best heatmap tool for agencies

Crazy Egg logo

Crazy Egg can be used to help improve your website’s performance. Crazy Egg provides a variety of solutions for businesses, including e-commerce and lead generation.

Every solution comes with a variety of analytics features, including exportable heatmaps or audience demographics reports.

The tool also includes a scroll mapping tool that allows you to see how visitors navigate your site via the scroll bar. This information can help you decide where to place CTA’s or buttons on your site.

Crazy egg can be used to create heat maps and scroll maps. This will allow you to track how visitors use your site each time they visit it. You can also use the tool to perform UX/UI audits, launch site options, and many other features.

The Crazy Egg script is available for installation on unlimited websites. This can prove very helpful for agencies.

Heatmap tool Crazy Egg


  • Five different heatmap reports
  • Included A/B testing
  • Website traffic analysis
  • Javascript errors tracking
  • User surveys


  • Limited number of tracked pageviews
  • Limited number of recordings


CrazzyEgg offers a 30-day free trial, but credit is required. The Basic plan is at $19 per month with an annual commitment.

Best heatmap tool for single-page web apps

Inspectlet logo

Inspectlet can be used to track the journeys of your customers and help you understand what they use your website for. You can use it to get a complete picture of your customers’ interactions with your website.

It offers dynamic heatmaps which can be used for identifying activity hotspots within your website pages. You can also use the session recording feature, which allows you to track visitor journeys from beginning through end so that you can see exactly what they are doing.

Inspectlet offers A/B testing which allows you to easily test the design of your website and optimize it for conversion.

This tool supports both single-page web applications and JavaScript pages.


  • Three different types of heatmaps
  • Easy A/B testing
  • Single-page web apps support
  • User feedbacks
  • Form analytics
  • JavaScript errors tracking


  • Limited number of pageviews
  • Limited number of recordings


Inspectlet offers free plan. The Micro plan is at $39 per month or $33 if billed annually.