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If you’re looking to streamline your marketing efforts and maximize your efficiency, then you may want to consider investing in one of the 11 Best Marketing Automation Software solutions.

These tools are designed to help businesses automate their email marketing, customer segmentation, and audience engagement, allowing them to focus more time and energy on strategic initiatives.

In this blog post, we’ll explore the 11 best marketing automation software solutions and discuss why they may be the right choice for your business.

Marketing automation software compared

Marketing automation softwarePricing for 1000 contactsPricing for 10,000 contacts
Constant Contact$45/mo$125/mo$150/mo$150/mo
Marketoon requeston request
What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is the process of automating marketing campaigns that are triggered by predefined conditions or based on user behavior. Marketing automation allows you to automate email, SMS and contact segmentation. It also allows you to evaluate and nurture prospects.

Best marketing automation software:

Best marketing automation software overall

Hubspot logo

HubSpot can be a great way to automate your marketing, sales, and customer service processes.

It does more than automate your business processes. It allows you to integrate and optimize multiple departments from one central location, streamlining the entire business workflow.

You can automate data transfer between teams so they don’t need to switch from one software to another.

HubSpot is a well-respected company in this area. They have powerful marketing automation capabilities with fine granular controls.

Marketing automation software Hubspot

You can set up drip campaigns (or multiples) with delay, triggers, dependencies and other features. Email followups can be set up to run automatically without any worries.

Automation within HubSpot is not limited to email. It can also be used for contact and client organization as well as team notifications, lead qualification and data management.

The HubSpot platform’s intuitive visual interface makes it easy to manage all your workflows. You can see how different parts of your marketing team and campaigns can work together. Plus, you will discover new ways to harness automation by visualizing unique team connections and actions.

HubSpot can help you automate your sales process and improve the customer experience, no matter how complicated it is.

Best marketing automation software for email marketing

ActiveCampaign logo

ActiveCampaign describes itself as customer experience automation.

This platform is second only to HubSpot.

It combines email marketing and CRM in one marketing automation platform.

ActiveCampaign offers solutions for customer support, sales, marketing and advertising.

There are many marketing automation tools that you can use. These tools include automated workflows that can be converted to drip campaigns.

Marketing automation software ActiveCampaign

You can tag and label customers in your CRM. This allows you to target the right marketing messages to your customers. You can turn people who are interested into leads by using form tools.

ActiveCampaign allows you to create a multichannel marketing strategy.

Social media marketing tools can be applied to your social media accounts. ActiveCampaign allows you to score leads as they respond to your marketing efforts.

Check out our comprehensive comparison of Omnisend vs ActiveCampaign.

Take a look at our comparison of Omnisend and ActiveCampaign in detail.

Best marketing automation software for B2B companies

Pardot logo

Marketing to B2B businesses presents unique challenges. You need the right marketing automation tool to do the job.

Pardot is designed to streamline the sales process, from lead generation to automation. Pardot is a powerful marketing automation tool that engages leads and moves them through the sales funnel. It can also be used to retarget cold leads. To create complex workflows, you can use the visual editor. Pardot makes their marketing automation more intelligent by using a lot of AI.

Marketing automation software Pardot

It’s also a great marketing automation software that is built around Salesforce, the best CRM software available. You know you are in good hands.

Best marketing automation software for small business

Before their breakthrough with marketing automation, Sendinblue was a well-known underdog in transactional email tools.

Although Sendinblue’s visual market automation builder is not as attractive as ActiveCampaign, it’s still powerful. Sendinblue’s automation tool is so simple that you can actually use it without any bells and whistles. This is after having used some tools that required support contact or reading documentation to complete basic tasks.

Sendinblue, one of the most cost-effective email marketing tools, offers free marketing automation if you have less than 2000 contacts. Although most companies will need more marketing automation, the pricing is reasonable and largely based on email volume.

Sendinblue has modules that can be used by small businesses and large enterprises alike. This module includes a CRM to store customer data. Personalized marketing messages can be generated by your customers’ real-time activity. This is crucial for maintaining your brand’s attention. The CRM profile is also updated in real time. Sendinblue offers tools for SMS marketing and email marketing as well as chatting.

Best marketing automation software for beginners

Mailchimp logo

Mailchimp was the first app that allowed you to manage your email subscribers. It now offers many tools for marketing automation and CRM. Drag-and-drop workflows can be created to manage customer journeys.

Send-time optimization is a key component of email marketing campaigns. It is based on open rates and click rates.

Marketing automation software Mailchimp

Integrations are available with e-commerce websites. Automations can be integrated with ShopSync and WooCommerce, for example. Automations can be set up to react in real-time based on behavior.

You can also use retargeting or follow-up automations. Mailchimp allows you to manage landing pages as well as digital ads.

Best marketing automation software for e-commerce

Omnisend logo

Omnisend is still a new tool in the marketing automation world, but it has already become a popular marketing automation tool for e-commerce businesses.

Although their platform is not the most well-designed, they offer a variety of innovative features that will help e-commerce marketers automate marketing across multiple channels.

Omnisend only works with e-commerce companies. Our email templates were created to address specific problems faced by e-commerce marketers. These challenges range from cart abandonment to product reviews to reducing cart abandonment.

Marketing automation software Omnisend

Omnisend’s integration with your e-commerce platform is the reason Omnisend is a great marketing automation tool.

Omnisend can hook up to any major platform such as Shopify, BigCommerece or WooCommerce. This allows you to trigger campaigns based on customer behavior, and view reports about how marketing automation affects sales.

Best marketing automation software for social media

Constant Contact logo

Modern marketing does not happen in one channel. Modern marketing is happening across the internet, on many different devices at once.

Constant Contact is the best multichannel solution for marketing automation. It’s easy to connect email and social media for businesses.

Constant Contact makes it easy to stay on top of both marketing and sales fronts thanks to its single dashboard.

From the same location, you can also create automated email sequences or drip campaigns and push new social media posts.

You can schedule social posts for the next month or quarter, and then you can sync this messaging with your email campaigns.

You can also segment messaging using the platform’s highly customizable emailer. These sequences are based on what you know about your contacts.

Marketing automation software Constant Contact

You can create individual email sequence tracks that are based on the information you have collected, whether you used Constant Contact’s form builder or manually. These emails will be sent based on triggers you select.

Set up a series on social media about the big game. Then, have unique email sequences to the people living along the east coast who are rooting for one team, and another for those living along the Pacific coast.

This is just one example. Constant Contact allows you to create nested, unified campaigns that are as complex and intricate as you like.

All Constant Contact plans include social monitoring, messaging and posting. The Plus plan has the most valuable email features. It allows you to set up automatic behavioral and welcome sequences as well as dynamic content for your emails.

Best marketing automation software for flexibility

Customerio logo is an excellent marketing automation software because of its flexibility.

This tool will allow you to get exactly what you want. Although it is not perfect, you can customize to your liking if you are willing to spend some time developing.

Marketing automation software Customerio

This tool’s lightweight UI and personal customer service are another great feature. is a newer company, but they are growing quickly and should be watched. Unlike many other tools, it is designed to trigger emails based upon events and not just pageviews. is a great resource for companies looking for more advanced functionality and who are willing to dedicate the development resources to make it happen.

Best marketing automation software for customer support

EngageBay logo

EngageBay‘s automation builder makes it simple to create actions and conditions based upon triggers. This will make it easier to manage support requests efficiently and reduce the workload on your reps handling backlog.

You don’t have to do much manual work because your priorities and assignees will be clearly defined and automatically updated. The same convenience can also be achieved in sales and marketing by automating lead segmentation and email personalization.

This speaks to the second and perhaps greater benefit: how this can be integrated with sales automation and marketing to create a better customer experience starting to end.

EngageBay can automate the process from the moment a prospect registers for your list. This CRM can manage routine touchpoints, nurturing and warming up.

Marketing automation software EngageBay

All that interaction and information means your support representatives are prepared to deal with any customer request.

This is a huge number, especially if you have a service team that handles more than just troubleshooting problems.

Perhaps your service team provides customer training, which is common in B2B SaaS.

EngageBay’s automation tools capture every customer’s entire journey so your support team never loses context and key information. This allows them to keep impressing those who buy from you.

EngageBay is free to try. The company offers a free forever package, which does not include automation tools but will allow you to familiarize yourself with the platform and dashboard.

Best marketing automation software for large businesses

Marketo logo

Marketo Engage from Adobe is a popular marketing automation tool. It offers many automation features that can be used to grow your business. It is a powerful marketing automation tool that offers salient features like email marketing, lead nurturing, scoring, and analytics.

The platform offers additional features such as mobile engagement, web targeting, and content personalization. Marketo is best for large businesses, but it can be used by all types of businesses.

Marketing automation software Marketo

Marketo Engage is a great tool for companies that plan to use its many features beyond basic marketing automation. Although it is not the most costly tool, it is not the least expensive.

You can still get the same results with a cheaper tool if you don’t plan to use the more advanced features of the system. Marketo is a great tool to get you started. You can then move on to more advanced functionality later. Marketo’s knowledge base is extensive and actively maintained, which makes it a valuable resource for novice users.

Best marketing automation software for Saas business

Ortoo logo

Ortto, formerly Autopilot, is a marketing automation software that can be used for SaaS businesses. Ortto’s advanced automation allows you to automate your customer journey and engage with prospects more effectively.

Marketing automation software Ortto

It is one of the easiest marketing automation platforms, with intuitive features like lead segmentation, building automated customers journeys, real time collaboration with teams, email market and automation. Ortto’s personal emails and actionable insight will help you take your business to new heights.

Best Marketing Automation Software FAQ

What is the best marketing automation software?

Hubspot, ActiveCampaign, Pardot, Sendiblue, Mailchimp, Omnisend, Constant Contact,, EngageBay, Marketo, Ortoo are among the best marketing automation software on the market.

What’s the difference between CRM and marketing automation software?

CRM software is mainly used by sales teams. The main objective is to increase sales. Whereas, marketing teams primarily use marketing automation software. The main objective is to generate and nurture leads.

Is HubSpot a marketing automation platform?

Yes, HubSpot is a marketing automation platform that helps you create personalized and automated email nurturing campaigns.

What are the benefits of marketing automation?

Marketing automation helps you generate and nurture leads, create personalized customer experiences, save time, reduce costs, boost revenue and improve ROI.